öko skin

öko skin

glassfibre reinforced concrete

glassfibre reinforced concrete

grc facade slats

facade slats

öko skin offers concrete facades in a slatted design. Non-Combustable and A1 Rated
The slats can be mounted with little effort and are, unlike wood, maintenance free.

öko skin

glassfibre reinforced concrete

facade slats

öko skin

glassfibre reinforced concrete

facade slats

öko skin

glassfibre reinforced concrete

facade slats

As beautiful as wood,

as tough as concrete!

öko skin; glass reinforced concrete facades in a slatted design.

The ideal alternative to timber or brick facades without the maintenance, this GRC slat panel system offers A1 fire performance and zero maintenance.

öko skin panels do not require sanding or painting before application, proving ideal for quick and simple installation. The various surfaces of öko skin panels create a lively interplay of colours and textures. öko skin panels are durable, impact resistant, and BBA approved.

öko skin can be used for largescale facades as well as for small projects such as porches, conservatories, patios, garden sheds, garages, fences and many more.

öko skin Benefits

A1 non-combustible

No sanding or sealing required

Alternative to timber or brick

Textured and smooth finishes

Through-coloured glass-reinforced concrete

Durable and impact resistant

Simple installation

Standard or concealed fixing options available



Concrete is Alive

Versatile Applications

Low Maintainance

natural concrete

Concrete is Alive

natural raw materials

öko skin, concrete facades in a slatted design. The various surfaces create a lively interplay of colour. The slats can be mounted with little effort and are, unlike wood, maintenance free.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete is a natural material. Its natural raw materials create a special, concrete-like surface.


Fire Protection

Fire resistance with fire protection class A1 “non-combustible” according to DIN 4102 – a safe alternative to classic wooden board formwork.

Low Maintenance

öko skin allows for minimum maintenance.
In contrast to wooden panels, glassfibre reinforced concrete does not need to be stained or painted.


Pura Facades offer fabrication, palletisation and delivery to sites across the UK, all from our fabrication facility in Birmingham.

Our fabrication team offer fast, accurate and reliable in-house cutting and pre-drilling of holes to ensure a swift and easy installation on-site. This includes through holes and also undercut drill anchor holes for the kiel mechanical secret fix system.

The great thing about öko skin, concrete facades is that they can be cut by tradesmen directly on site. Due to their unique through colour construction and self-sealing technology they are the go to choice for on site cutting and drilling.

öko skin


1800 x 147 x 13 mm
Dead load 7.9 kg/piece
Mix of 3 surfaces per colour

öko skin


Variable sizes from 70 to 302 mm width and from
700 to 2500 mm length. Dead load 26 kg/m²
Surfaces as desired


The authentic colours blend well into landscapes and correspond with nature and the environment. The slats are available in three different finishes, creating a lively play of colours. Colour variations within a colour tone are intended and enhance the liveliness of the building material, concrete.


Each palette includes three surfaces ferro, ferro light and matt which create a naturally varied and vivid surface. The mixing of concrete slats from various pallets and layers for an optimal installation result is recommended.


Ferro Light


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öko skin available exclusively in the UK from PURA FACADES